Designer, fashion consultant and artist, Walter Van Beirendonck is one of the most popular faces in the fashion industry. Famous for his unique style and personality, the Belgian creator joined the Japanese brand Flower Mountain to create an exclusive collection that will be presented in the 2020 Fall/Winter season.

Flower Mountain concept is based on the theme of nature, outdoors and handcrafts. Creators, Keisuke Ota and Yang Chao, worked at this project with Walter to give continuity to the series of special editions developed together with other brands, artists and collaborators of the brand.


This capsule collection is a fusion of the rising sun culture and Walter’s originality: the Japanese traditional patterns are beautifully and delicately expressed with natural texture materials and handmade dyeing techniques declined in oversized jerseys, leggings, sweat pants and shoes.


The whole collection focuses on two main concepts. The first inspiration is the BINGATA technique, an ancient traditional style from Okinawa, representing flowers and vegetal drawings. The second one is the ICHIMATU theme, a very ancient Japanese kimono checked pattern re-designed in Walter’ imagination.

The unconventional and creative DNA of Walter Van Beirendonck is combined with the tradition and natural inspiration of Flower MOUNTAIN, for an unmissable collection.